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PLAB Guide Academy is excited to offer high-standard, onsite accommodations which are situated in the heart of Manchester. The accommodations are offered in collaboration with Doctors Lodges team who are providing accommodations for the PLAB aspirants in different areas of Manchester.

The accommodations are situated within the same building as PLAB Guide Academy which gives access to the academy resources 24/7.

The accommodations come with multiple features and highly economical for the residents.

Accommodation Features


Prime Location

Based in the heart of Manchester city, this accommodation is prime location for the International Medical Graduates which is closer to GMC, many Asian and English superstores, Mosques, Church, City centre, many international food points.

The accommodations are internally linked with the PLAB Guide Academy and gives 24/7 access to the academy practice areas.



The rooms are massively spacious and well maintained. Every resident gets what they need for their comfortable stay. The rooms are noise free and very comfortable for you to focus on studying. All the residents enjoy their stay with us.

There is a big kitchen, fridge, and a good sized living area to keep all the residents comfortable.



Since the COVID pandemic, UK rents are gone significantly up due to inflation around the world and finding a comfortable place in big cities like Manchester has become extremely expensive. Our accommodations are very economical and saves you a lot of money.

Our accommodations are located within the academy building which will not only save money but also a lot of travel time and stress.


Stress Free Stay

Finding a short-term accommodation is not only difficult but could also be risky due to bad landlord, unsafe premises, living with unknown people, having no reasonable facilities, and or staying away from the academy. A bad decision about the accommodation can seriously affect your overall outcome as PLAB2 is high stakes exam and requires a lot of effort to be able to pass the exam.

Our accommodations are stress-free where you can come straight and start preparing for your exam without worrying about anything. You never leave the academy building if you do not want to.


Exam Friendly Atmosphere

You live with other PLAB2 candidates from the globe who are busy in preparing for their exams too. This promotes very healthy and exam friendly atmosphere which encourages the residents to continue practicing and avoid time wasting. This also allows them to create new connections and make new friends.

The residents are always happy to help each other which provides a major support when you need someone. You can also learn from each others, as well as get help from those have taken their exams.


Fully Managed

The accommodation is regularly cleaned and kept in good state by our team. It is fully safe, manned 24/7 and well looked after. The rent includes all the bills, and maintenance.

You will be provided with all the necessities for your comfortable stay that includes bed sheets, duvet, locker, table and chair. You just need to make sure that you clean your mess smile

Fill This Form for Booking

Fill This Form for booking

If you need more information, and want to enquire more; feel free to contact us on the following numbers:

  1. Mr Omer Rafique (00447466385401)
  2. Mr Haris Maan (00447516220920)

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