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August 2022

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Building a strong sense of community in PLAB Guide Community - Building Approaches

OET Preparation

Get Help with OET Preparation

Best Teaching Facilities

To facilitate easy learning we offer the best teaching facilities within our campus

Online Access To Our Course Content

We offer online access to our course material so that you can enjoy self-paced learning.

GMC Registration Guidance

We offer excellent help to our candidates when they need us

CV Building Guidance

Get help with professional CV building

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Our PLAB-2 courses

What do you want to learn today?


Get customised training for the preparation of your OET examination with ease.

PLAB-2 Full Course

Face-to-face PLAB-2 training courses available throughout the month, no matter when you start

PLAB-1 Course

High-Yield PLAB-1 preparation material including MCQs, and PLAB Notes.
SimMan & Resuscitation Course
We offer SimMan and Resuscitation courses four times a month so that you can prepare well for your examination


Get access to a huge bank of High-Yield MCQs Bank based on the past themes tested in PLAB-1 exam created by our team.
Mannikins & Clinical Examinations Course
We offer highly customised & excellent course on Mannikins & Clinical Examinations on all the commonly tested in PLAB-2


Organised by PLAB Guide MOCK Team trained by the PLAB experts, conducted on different dates. Total 16 stations MOCK come with extensive feedback to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.
CV Review & Interview Preparation
Do not struggle to find your first job in the UK. If you are GMC registered and struggling to secure a job in NHS, then right help on right time is here for you.

NHS Job Induction

If you are directly entering from a health system very different from NHS you may need a lot of help in understanding how to work in the UK especially if you have not done PLAB, MRCS, MRCP or any other exam to obtain GMC registration. Simply subscribe to our Induction course to be ready and confident to start working in NHS.

CV Review And Interview Preparation

  • Duration: 2h
  • Capacity: 1 - 15

Price: £250

Dr Rashad Hassan Raza


  • Duration: 2h
  • Capacity: 1 - 10

Price: £100