Terms and conditions

Cancellations & Refunds

Course Bookings and Confirmation

Your booking is confirmed once you have fully paid for the course. You must receive your confirmation automatically via email. You must keep the confirmation email safe for future reference if needed.

Cancellations and Refunds of Foundation Course and Smart Course

If you wish to cancel your booking for the course, you must do so via email At: admin@plabguide.co.uk. The email request must clearly stipulate the reason of why you wish to cancel your course.

There is cancellation fee that applies in every case. The cancellation fee varies based on when you request the cancelation. These policies apply to PLAB2 Foundation Course and PLAB2 Smart Course.

  • Cancellation within three days of booking:£50 deduction
  • Cancellation after three days of booking: £100 deduction
  • Cancellation within last week before the start date of the course: No refunds will be granted on courses booked using individual discount. (There are different Ts&Cs for the group discount members)

Cancellation and refund on discounted course: No refunds will be granted on any cancellations of the courses or services booked on discounts.

Refunds processing time: All the qualifying cancellation and refunds will be considered individually and the approved refunds will be processed in 14 to 28 working days. This duration will start from the date of approval of the refund, not the date of your request.

Cancellations of a group member

If you booked any course using any group discount, cancellation will apply to all the group members enrolled together and we will cancel the course for all the members and any refunds will be processed after deduction of the cancellation fee from the amount paid. The affected candidates may choose to keep their enrollment by paying the difference of what they paid and the actual course fee.

Cancellations & refunds of Mocks

There is no cancellations and refunds offered on mocks. If you wish to cancel your mock, please do not ask us for the refunds.

Cancellation by the Institute

We aim to deliver the courses and events as scheduled, however due to compelling circumstances institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course. In the unlikely event that the institute has to cancel any scheduled course, the candidate will be updated as soon as we could. In the event of unforeseen circumstances where PLAB Guide Ltd is unable to conduct the course due to reasons beyond PLAB Guide Ltd's control for example in case of pandemic or a natural disaster, you will be offered a guaranteed alternative place in reasonable time prior to your exam date. In case where we are unable to offer you an alternative course a reasonable refund will be granted only if we remain unable to offer you any course before you exam date. In case where we have an alternative course scheduled prior to your actual exam date, no refunds will be offered.