GROUND FLOOR: PLAB Guide Academy Campus

FIRST FLOOR: Primarily for males

SECOND FLOOR: Primarily for females

THIRD FLOOR: Primarily for males

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Note: We offer shared accommodations only

Doctors Lodges our accommodation is provided by PLAB Guide to the doctors who are coming to the UK especially to Manchester for taking their PLAB-2 examination. We understand that it is not easy to find a suitable place for stay as well as study, we take the pride in arranging a wonderful place to reside where you can stay and study. Doctors Lodges are the accommodations within PLAB Guide Academy building offered by our team to facilitate the doctors preparation and progression.

239 Dickenson Road

Longsight, Manchester

M13 0YW

This property provides excellent facilities to the residents and its location itself offers extraordinary convenience to the residents.

  • Based in the heart of Manchester City
  • Located in PLAB Guide Academy Building
  • Only 10 minutes drive from GMC building
  • Only 10-12 minutes drive from main bus or train station
  • Only 10 minutes walk to the major superstores including ASDA, LIDL, APNA, Sanam Restaurant, many Pakistani, Arabic, and Turkish Food points.
  • Dedicated for doctors only hence provides good opportunity to get along each others well
  • Clean environment
  • Smoking free
  • Alcohol free
  • Easy to book – simply book online
  • Stay connected with each other by practicing in PLAB Guide Academy
  • Cheap yet comfortable
  • Free Wifi
  • All bills included

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August 2022