About Us

PLAB Guide is a brand new platform for the PLAB – 1 candidates who are thinking to move to the UK as a clinician. It is the continuation of the passion and aspirations of the founder and co-founder of PLAB Guide for helping the overseas doctors to come to the  UK for better future and to develop true clinical skills that a doctor must have. Having gone through this difficult journey of PLAB, they know what are the requirements of the doctors coming from the developing countries where neither the health system is not as established as it is in the UK nor their  earnings are so lucrative. Although PLAB is the commonest route of entry into the UK there are not many platforms that offer overseas candidates all what they need, rather the required content provided by them is broken down into multiple segments which are offered to the subscribers in different ways which results in candidates spending a lot of money in different subscriptions to gain all what is needed. This not only causes a huge financial stress on the subscribers but also dissatisfaction from their preparation point of view.

The founders of PLAB Guide are very passionate in creating a single platform for all, aiming to offer you whatever you need for your PLAB-1 exam preparation.
Our team consists of doctors who themselves have taken PLAB and they are very busy creating content which is precise and to the point. Our exam focused approach is actually based on multiple of recommendations from many candidates who have competed their PLAB journey and are still connected with us. 
Our dedicated team of authors is very busy in creating the High-Yield material for our overseas doctors. We have a written over 2000 PLAB-1 MCQs based on the themes commonly tested in the past which will increase your chances of success to maximum. Most of our course material comes with  the detailed explanations the questions or the clinical situations tested in the Quiz.
Our tech-rich course offers you multiple innovative features to improve your performance by offering you unlimited attempts, ability to review your previous attempts, and compare your performance with the past. “Flag This Question” function will help the candidates create their own log of important questions so that they could revise what is more important for them. “My Notes” feature of our course enables our subscriber to create their own notes as they go along, which they can review later when they need. Our course subscribers can contact other course mates via private or public chat and create their study groups as well.

Our PLAB-1 PRACTICE COURSE  subscribers can practice questions based on categories in learner mode or PLAB-1 CHALLENGE where they can practice in MOCK mode. In PLAB-1 CHALLENGE subscribers will see a bunch of 180 MCQs picked automatically from different categories with 3 hours timer on, this feature will empower the subscriber to cope with the time-stress and instigate the time management skills for their real exam. Every time you attempt PLAB-1 CHALLENGE, you will see a new set of question which means you can take MOCK exams as many times as you want.

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